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Come discover the fresh and bold flavors of Haiti without packing your luggage.
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We serve the freshest and most authentic Haitian cuisine in Queens. We combine the freshest ingredients and family recipes to provide you with a satisfying meal that you won't find anywhere else!


Check Out Our House Specialties

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One of our signature house specialties! Jute leaves, beef, simmered and seasoned in kreyol spice. Slow cook to perfection. Served with rice of choice, fried plantain and pikliz.
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Goat Soup/ Bouyon Kabrit

An amazing assortment of goat meat, kreyol spices mingling with vegetables, malanga, carrots, plantain, yams, dumpling, hearty& savory.
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Fish in Kreyol sauce/Pwason nan sos/Fri
Red snapper marinated and simmered in kreyol sauce. Served with a choice of rice, plantain and pikliz.
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Chicken in Kreol sauce/ Poul nan Sos
chicken marinated in kreyol spices, fried and simmered into kreyol sauce. Served with your choice of rice, fried plantain, and pikliz. 

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What Our Customers are Saying

"Fresh and delicious! Great customer service! We highly recommend making a stop.......At Bebe Fritay"
- Nerline P.

"Authentic Haitian food. Great taste, big portion, very friendly, check them out!" 
- Joanne S.

"Hot & spicy is the way I like it! This is the best Haitian restaurant  in the state! From their helpful staff this place has it all, definitely recommended." 
- Stephanie J.